Yeah, ayy

Uh, see me now
Hangsang bwatdeon jeo geoure, yuh
Am I synked out? (Huh?)
Can’t see where my reflection at
(Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy)
Oh, feeling so dizzy deo heurithaejil ttae, ah
Huimihage boineun silhouette myohan (Huh? Huh? Huh?)
Neukkim where you at?

Dasi nuntteo like I’m reborn
Geoul soge boyeo little different
All black geomeun saegui villain (Huh?)
Neurithage georeo Black Mamba
Welcome to my palace
Champagne in your chalice
Ibe da neoeun sungan follow to me
Jedaero bolsuitge too deep
Rolling around the world, ah
City to city, I swerve, skrrt
I don’t care when I’m in the dark (Dark)
Eodil gado binnaneun pearl, yeah, yeah

Wanbyeokan bijeon, aembi syeon it’s crystal clear
Beauty in struggle nan geumareul mideotgie
Suu man-shoku saikyou de glare na, flat I’m on it
The plans I’ve set up
Kimi no shikou yori daitan
De yabaikamo warnin’, ayy

I’m in my zone, makin’ you wave
I’m in the flow neukkyeo jeo sway
Waitin’ too long geu sigani dwaesseo
Ready to blow, G

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